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The Tells Of K!MERA: On Faith and Creating Timeless Music

Sam Kimera is a man you should be crushing on; his enormous musical talent and academic genius is a mix not easy to come by. Rather playful yet dedicated, his spirit towards humanity and spirituality easily flows through his excellent story telling abilities. Whether it be in an Instagram Live, or live music, K!mera will capture you and take you along, and believe me, by the end of the day you will be glad he did.

Who Is Sam Kimera

Kimera is married to a beautiful woman called Esther. Together they have 2 daughters; Thandi, 5 & a half years and Zara, 2 & a half years old. “They are lots of fun and fill my heart with joy,” he tells me.

On his work, he identifies as an artist who is passionate about people. “I love helping people become who God made them to be,” he says. However, he refuses to be put in an identity box, his identity will vary depending on where you meet him. “Someone who has known me from the worship team at Watoto will call me minister or worshiper, yet for one who has known me for my music and albums, I will be called a musician, if you have watched me on Instagram or met me playing with my kids, I’m a father so I am truly many things,” he says.

I am a father, husband, an artist, and in many ways a student, but one thing about me is that I love Jesus and I try to ensure that it comes through whether in my music, when am singing a love song or a Sunday worship song

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