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Gospel Singer Kimera Set to Release Debut Album

Gospel singer and songwriter Sam Kimera is set to release his first music album named puzzle.

The 12 track album according to information that MTN pulse has received will be released on Sunday July 8th.

The album features the work of talented industry notables like Nessim, Nel Muhiire, Kiracho Njoroge, Roy Kasika, Charmant Mushaga, Sam Bisaaso, Abaasa and so many more.

All songs were written and arranged by Kimera and tell a very personal and relatable journey of the daily struggles we all go through in love, life and faith.

Weaving an intricate yet easy to follow tapestry of messages, Kimera uses an impressive array of musical genres to keep you soothe with the soul and RnB inspired ballads, jamming and bobbing your head as he switches it up with some reggae tunes, jumping up and dancing when the dancehall kicks in and then back down on your knees in worship all on one album

While vastly entertaining musically as well a showing a new level of skill and excellence it still does not clutter the ear and mind from hearing the message behind each track leaving you inspired encouraged and uplifted.

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