Sam K!mera

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Trust too much in the hand of experience
So my equation end up funny
Two steps forward and three steps back
Wonder why it nah work like it used to
So I get back on my knees and pray
Pray fi some kind of explanation
But he say
silly silly bway you know you not trust me
silly silly bway you know you not trust (now)

Unto da shadow of the most high God
I will run run run
There I will find peace I will find grace
I find rest for ma weary soul

Never again shudda put mi trust in man
No ya cyant cam’pare
Man fade away like a vapor
Only mighty God can keep me on the mountain top
Keep ma heart and mind on Christ
All de ada ground is sinking
Step by step  an’a side by side
Peace ina me heart
While ah keep on singin dis song say