Sam K!mera

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Awama Money


Olinawo akasente kooteetaaga
Leeta Leeta eno nina business enka
Am not tryina take your money
Matter fact tryina make YOU some money
So.. Olina wo akasente nkanon’enkya
So I gave him all my money money money
Didn’t realise thez something fanne fanne fanne
Now it’s been 2 years and 4 Months and 3 weeks and 5 days
Let me tell you something (aargh)

Awama money Oh eh
Awama money Oh eh
Awama money x3 money ma money
Awama money Oh eh

Hello. Hello. Nkuwulila. Who is this?
The landlord? (The landlord..) Whose landlord?
Ooooh.. Haha boss… Chiiiief.. You’re the one?
Sorry about that. How is it? How’s work? How’s the family? Oooh that’s good. OK ok.. So the money.. Yes. Yes. How much is it by the way?
Eeeeh Ok this is the thing..
Dez soooome ka money am expecting.. Veeeery soon… (High pitch)
Infact where are you. Oh you’re here? You mean here here? At the gate?
Haaa OK (network) hello hello. Siwulila. Shish.. Shish.. Hello x3

Chorus: x2
Broda ano seen you several
Wos de reason ibin too long
Ano you spent time in villa
Welcome back to Kampala