Sam K!mera

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Tok Tok

60% of our population Is under the age of 25
Am 30-something but I still behave like am only 22—uuu—uuuu
You can tell by the things is say, I blame the people who are 55 and more
For my failure, My lack of inspiration
They’re the reason why I’ll never be a patriot
So I Tok Tok Tok. – Tok Tok Tok
Weeeee talk too much
Tok Tok Tok – Tok Tok Tok
Weeeee talk too much

The Africa you see is not the Africa It’s always been
The Africa we want it to be is an Africa we have to work for
But we… (chorus)

Corruption (tok tok) MisEducation (tok tok)
Implementation (tok tok) What else…

The past, the present, and the … (still talking)

You and I can make a difference
You and I can start today
Instead of waiting for someone else yeaah
You and I can lead the way